Bunch of pictures.

I haven't updated in a while so here it is.

Andrew loves reading. These are his current faves.

Pop up books are awesome.

Spending time with Pop pop and Mimi.

Always having fun with buddies.
Telling two toddlers to smile is not met w/ good results.
Doing their own thing.
Lots of picnics.
Quite time is nice too.
Dining out with friends.
Easter egg hunting.
Easter card receiving.

Bike riding.

Coffee dates.
Being cool.
Waking up to find bare bottom, book reading tot with pj pants on his head.

More picnics.

Snuggling his baby Googie.

Listening to music.

Living room camp outs with Daddy.
Playing at the park.
Day at the beach with Daddy.
Always talking.
Sick days spent with Woody, Buzz and popsicles.
Celebrating in style.


Thomas Man

Andrew refers to himself as a " Thomas Man". He is a big time Thomas the Tank engine fan. Pop Pop and Mimi recently took him to see "Thomas Live!". Here he is hard at work building his layout.


Recent snaps

Celebrating Pop Pop's birthday.
Playing in his teepee in his Woody pjs.
Snow time.
Playing w/ Mommy.
Just being cool.



"When I get big I am going to work in a store called Target. I am not going to be a Daddy, just a grown up. I am not going to get married because when you get married you have to shop at Target and I am going to work there, not shop there. I am still going to live here because I will still snuggle my babies(stuffed animals). I am not going to drive a car like you. Maybe a motorcycle."



"Good thing we bought a lot of carrots. Bunnies eat carrots. So if any bunnies come over we have something to feed them."

After running through the house and falling flat on his face--"Hey Mommy! Did you see that???" I just flew! I was flying through the air. Let me see if i can do that again."

"Hey this thing is humongous! Mommy do you know what humongous means? It means really big in Spanish."

"I am thirsty." "Thirsty means I need a drink in Spanish."


Snowy Day

We have a good bit of snow here and Andrew is super excited about it.

All bundled up and ready to go!
He wasn't really sure what to do when we got outside.
So he just started digging.
We shared some Eskimo kisses, because it seemed appropriate.
Now we are taking a well deserved hot chocolate / Wallace and Gromit break.